Friday, 27 June 2014

of Toilet Paper, Socks, and Grad Dresses

Credit: S. Grace Flickr Creative Commons
My brother just posted on his Facebook timeline the following little blurb:
"No toilet paper! Goodbye socks!"
Don't you just hate it when that happens? Imagine if you were barefoot when you made that horrible discovery!

While we're on the subject, I used to wonder why toilet paper companies felt the need to advertise their product. I mean, doesn't everyone buy toilet paper already? Hmm, perhaps it's because some of us don't seem to remember to buy enough of it.

Credit: Jenni Froedrick
Flickr Creative Commons
And who hasn't heard of people wearing outfits made entirely of toilet paper? Tabloids have from time to time featured well-known people showing off their bathroom ensembles. If I'm not mistaken, even a couple of my kid's schoolmates also did likewise for their high school graduation ceremony. Apparently it's quite fashionable in some circles, despite the shocked and disapproving look it got from my mother (and probably their own mothers too).

However, when it comes to toilet paper clothing, I would hope that people wearing it would insist on using one of the stronger multi-ply brands that they advertise on TV, and not those cheaper one-ply brands; you know, those horrible kinds that you can poke your finger through and which leaves you hoping that the bathroom is not also out of soap.

I guess wearing clothing made of toilet paper isn't really such a bad thing. After all, if the roll is empty, you can always change the fashion by shortening the hem-line and thereby saving an otherwise perfectly good pair of socks.

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