Friday, 28 March 2014

Telephone Mania: Obsessive Communication?

Do you remember the days when one household had only one phone?

How about the party line? Do you remember that? I do. I remember my grandparent’s used to have a party line. Essentially it was one phone line shared by two or more families. Each home had a designated ring tone, so when the phone rang, depending on the ring tone, the call was either for you or for your neighbor. The interesting thing was, if you lifted the receiver when the phone rang with your neighbor’s ring tone, you could eaves drop in on their conversation. My, how times have changed.

A couple days ago, my employer handed me a new company iPhone 5S. The thinking was, now that I work at more than one facility, a company iPhone tied to my office computer would make it easier to stay on top of emails, business phone calls, and the sort. When you think about it, from a business perspective, it’s quite logical.

The interesting thing is, though, I also have my own personal iPhone 5S. And I have a land line at home, and a land line at work, and another in-house wireless phone at work, and a MS Lync line at work through which, among other things, I can use my computer as a telephone. That makes six phone numbers for one person, never mind the phone numbers my wife and kids each have.

Ah, the joys of communication. And we haven’t even discussed texting, emailing, and social media messaging yet. My grandparents would never make sense of our modern infatuation with communication. Then again, sometimes it kind of bewilders me a little too.

Six phone numbers for one person? Hmm, little wonder we’re now dialing ten digits. At this rate we’ll all have fifteen digit phone numbers in no time.

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