Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Tradition Gets A Setback

It appears that there has been a setback to the Christmas traditions of millions.

While the much adored Santa Claus was taking the team through its annual pre-Christmas warm up exercises, a deranged hunter let loose with several rounds into the night sky, right into the path of the oncoming sleigh. Santa Claus and all the reindeer are dead.

Authorities identified the gunman as Jack Frost of no fixed address. Asked why he did it, Mr. Frost told reporters that had been a victim childhood reindeer pranks that included "laughing and calling him names." Doctors confirmed that Frost was off his medications at the time.

Our condolences to the millions of children who are understandably upset at the news.

Meanwhile in related news, despite a shortage of deer in the area, several popular foodie personalities have been gathering at the SC Bistro in the north pole village of Tofu for their annual venison burger cook-off.

Organizers denied allegations that there was a connection between the shooting deaths of Santa and his reindeer, and this year's cook-off.

Photo Sources: Unknown (via Facebook)

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