Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dear Dr. Ruth,

Who remembers Dr. Ruth? In case you don't know who I'm talking about, here's a short bio:

“Ruth Westheimer (born June 4, 1928) is an American sex therapist, media personality, and author best known as Dr. RuthThe New York Times described her as a "Sorbonne-trained psychologist who became a kind of cultural icon in the 1980s.… She ushered in the new age of freer, franker talk about sex on radio and television—and was endlessly parodied for her limitless enthusiasm and for having an accent only a psychologist could have." (via Wikipedia)

Recently I accidentally came across the following letter addressed to the good Doctor. Unfortunately, partly because of the illegible signature, it is difficult to ascertain the true authorship of the letter. Furthermore, it is equally unfortunate that Dr. Ruth's reply to this poor troubled soul also appears to have become lost. Hopefully in the end, this poor woman was able to find some help from her unfortunate circumstances. 

Source: Unknown

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