Saturday, 7 September 2013

When the Skies Come Alive; 2

Back in June 2013 I posted some awesome sky shots in a post I called When the Skies Come Alive. This post is the sequel.

I love taking pictures of the evening skies. The following pictures were all taken with my cell phone from the deck of my house.

I hope you enjoy them.

The picture on the right had a spiritual application for me, in that it reminded me of what I imagine the sky might look like when the Lord returns for His church.

When I took this picture, the whole sky looked like a bunch of cotton balls. It was so cool.

The weather reports were warning of some potential heavy rain and hail. Looking at the sky, something seemed to be coming, but thankfully it didn't materialize.

Three distinct sky colours and textures in one frame; the dark blue of an imminent storm, the fluffy cotton ball clouds, and the clear blue sky on the horizon.

Finally, what is probably my favourite from last night's sky gazing. It almost looks like the whole sky is on fire. Beautiful.

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