Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ride Naked

Usually I do not go out of my way to promote lawlessness. Usually I also do not make a habit of riding my bike naked. OK, actually I have never ridden my bike naked. However, just the thought of that makes me chuckle a bit, and thus this patch on my biker vest. I’m afraid that some people, though, just do not see the humour in it the way that I do.

Unless we are total prudes, you would have to admit that the very concept is somewhat amusing. It kind of takes me back to the streaker craze of my high school years. Anyone remember that era?

It was the early 1970’s when I was in high school and a fairly regular occurrence during the lunch hour was someone being dared to run the hallways, or through the cafeteria, stark naked. Streaking was the craze.

I remember one time the school faculty getting wind of a planned streaking ahead of time, and planting faculty members at different exits of the school, unbeknownst to the streaker. Sure enough, as rumour had it, the streaker ran through the hallways at lunchtime, only to be tackled by the vice principal, and slowly walked back to the school office … naked.

A riot ensued and the police were called. Vandalism to a couple police cars happened, as they were rocked and rolled onto their roofs. The ensuing sit-in after the lunch-hour eventually led to the principal coming out and addressing the protesters saying that “they [the police] just wanted to get a better look at things.” The protesters roared in amusement. Educationally speaking, that afternoon was a lost cause.

So now forty plus years later, all I have are the memories of yesteryear, brought to the forefront now and then, by a couple of obscure biker patches. Ride Naked? No, this world is not ready for that, and nor am I.  Having said that, though, the memories do bring a smile. Ride Naked? Maybe a very long time ago. Peace.

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