Saturday, 27 July 2013

La Fin Du Monde

Allow me to introduce you to what may have just become my new favourite beer. It's called, "La Fin Du Monde," which is French for "The End of the World." This fine pale ale is the product of Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

According to their website, La Fin Du Monde has earned "more medals and awards, including some of the world's highest honors, than any other Canadian beer." Those are some pretty amazing bragging rights.

At 9% alc./vol., La Fin Du Monde is clearly stronger than most and as such, is clearly not for wimps. As a matter of fact, it is twice as strong as a lot of beers out there, so technically speaking, you probably can only handle about half as many beers as you normally might drink.

La Fin Du Monde may be a little harder to find than most, but if you come across it somewhere, you owe it to yourself to at least pick up a six-pack and try it. But be warned: If you do, you may never really be satisfied with the run-of-the-mill swill's again. At least that has been my experience.

Well there you have it. A big thank you to my son Nick for introducing me to this awesome Canadian beer. I will be sure to have some in the fridge next time you come for a visit, Nick.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

of Royal Births and Stuff

Congratulations Will and Kate on the birth of What's-His-Name. As someone online has recently said, "it's so nice to see that even royals have to endure a little labour." LOL.

If you haven't already guessed, I am not a royal watcher, and I'm certainly not a monarchist. I personally care about this birth event about as much as they cared about the birth of my first child. Whatever; bring on the sports highlights. What was tonight's movie again? Yawn.

Recently I read about the plight of some would-be Canadian citizen-seekers who are challenging the requirement of having to pledge allegiance to the British queen as a part of becoming Canadian citizens. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Do they really still have to do that? What a bunch of crap! Sorry if this offends some of you, but like about 50% of my countrymen (see link above), I think it's time to sever the relationship with the crown of England. Does the British queen really still need to be on our money? Do we really still need to pledge allegiance to her? Are we really going to refuse decent and hard-working immigrants the opportunity to become full-fledged citizens of this great nation simply because they too are not going ga-ga over the British monarchy? Really?

Is the reason we're still stuck in this archaic system financial? Is it because it would cost too much money to change the Canadian constitution? Perhaps. However, if the truth were really known, would this cost more than some of the other political blunders our various governments have made in recent years? I doubt it. What I mean to say is, since when has wasting public money ever been a real concern of politicians? So if we're talking cost, that argument doesn't satisfy me. Oh well, politicians are always going to do what they're going to do, regardless what the people say.

Anyway, I do not want to bore you further with my political opinions and rantings. At the end of the day, there will always be those who agree and who disagree with one's views. One of the things that makes this country great is the ability of each of us to freely state our opinions and views. At the end of the day, that's what makes Canada great; not the British monarchy or its newborn with a golden pacifier in its mouth, but the freedom of expression of her citizens.

Still, I hope the Supreme Court of Canada rules in favour of these would-be new citizens. As for Will and Kate (and every other couple whose newborn shares the same birthday), cute baby. Peace.

Photo Sources: Unknown (via Facebook)

Friday, 12 July 2013

When Another Boring Sandwich Just Won't Do ...

Found myself craving a sandwich after work today, but I didn't want just another boring sandwich. So I set out to create my own. When it all got put together finally, I knew I was onto something good. Let me introduce you to it.

It all began with a couple slices of Canadian Light Rye bread; toasted, of course. After a light coating of Hellmann's Mayonnaise, we were ready for phase two.

All the good stuff in the middle consisted of a couple slices of raw purple onion, a layer of Armstrong Old cheddar cheese, a generous layer of Hungarian salami, some tomato slices (sprinkled lightly with a little salt and pepper), and finally, a nice thick layer of Bick's Hot Banana Pepper Rings.

Oh, and let's not forget the ice-cold Budweiser to help wash it all down.

If there was one flaw, it would have to be that maybe I should have made two of them right away. It was so good! I did end up going for a second beer, though.

Well there you have it; something for those times when another boring sandwich just won't do. Happy eating.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ride Naked

Usually I do not go out of my way to promote lawlessness. Usually I also do not make a habit of riding my bike naked. OK, actually I have never ridden my bike naked. However, just the thought of that makes me chuckle a bit, and thus this patch on my biker vest. I’m afraid that some people, though, just do not see the humour in it the way that I do.

Unless we are total prudes, you would have to admit that the very concept is somewhat amusing. It kind of takes me back to the streaker craze of my high school years. Anyone remember that era?

It was the early 1970’s when I was in high school and a fairly regular occurrence during the lunch hour was someone being dared to run the hallways, or through the cafeteria, stark naked. Streaking was the craze.

I remember one time the school faculty getting wind of a planned streaking ahead of time, and planting faculty members at different exits of the school, unbeknownst to the streaker. Sure enough, as rumour had it, the streaker ran through the hallways at lunchtime, only to be tackled by the vice principal, and slowly walked back to the school office … naked.

A riot ensued and the police were called. Vandalism to a couple police cars happened, as they were rocked and rolled onto their roofs. The ensuing sit-in after the lunch-hour eventually led to the principal coming out and addressing the protesters saying that “they [the police] just wanted to get a better look at things.” The protesters roared in amusement. Educationally speaking, that afternoon was a lost cause.

So now forty plus years later, all I have are the memories of yesteryear, brought to the forefront now and then, by a couple of obscure biker patches. Ride Naked? No, this world is not ready for that, and nor am I.  Having said that, though, the memories do bring a smile. Ride Naked? Maybe a very long time ago. Peace.