Saturday, 18 May 2013

Are You A Distracted Driver?

I once joked about seeing a girl in the lane beside me texting and driving as we both travelled down the highway side by side. I was so disgusted by her inattentive behaviour while behind the wheel, that I rolled down my window and threw my beer at her.

But seriously, if you were to ask me, I believe that distracted driving ought to fetch the same penalties under the law as drinking and driving. Playing with your cell phone while behind the wheel is no different than drinking while behind the wheel; both will get someone killed. The only question is, what will it take to get lawmakers to wake up and see the truth of this? How many more must die or get seriously injured because someone was too busy answering that all-important text message rather than pay attention to the road?

Are you a distracted driver? You might not think that you are, but if you're playing with your phone, you're distracted. And if you're distracted, my safety is compromised. Please hang up and drive.

If you agree, please share this message. Who knows, in so doing, the life you save might just belong to someone near and dear to you. Peace.

Photo Source: Unknown (via Facebook)

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