Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Joy of Global Warming

"Don't like the weather? Wait an hour." Living here in southern Alberta, I can relate to that old saying.

I love the concept of "Global Warming." Oh, I know there has been a lot of rhetoric on how horrible it is, but the fact remains, I like snow-less and cold-less winters. Maybe this comes from living most of my life with Canadian winters that have been known to last half a year or longer. When the snow you receive in October sticks around until the following May, as I have experienced many times over the years, "Global Warming" sounds like a really good thing.

Today, the 3rd of February, a date in which many times over the years I have been knee-deep in snow and in miserably cold weather, I have actually sat on my deck with a book enjoying some awesome spring-like and double-digit degree weather. How awesome is that?

While to some of my southern friends this might seem like no big deal, for other Canadian friends who are used to our Canadian winters, this most certainly is an anomaly. Global Warming? Thank you, I'll take it.

Well there you have it. I think I will log off now and go fire up the old motorcycle. Looks like a good day for a ride.

PS - I don't remember exactly what dates I took these pictures, but regardless what they were, they do illustrate our temperature extremes here in southern Alberta. They represent a 71.5 degree Celsius difference in temperature.

Don't like the weather? Wait an hour or so.

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