Monday, 4 February 2013

Playing with the Restaurant Bill

I love fiddling with the bill in restaurants.

I'm not as creative as some people who make all those fancy origami creations. Mine is just plain fiddling, and it almost always comes out looking more or less the same.

It's interesting to see the reactions from restaurant staff when I go to pay the bill. Some are indifferent and just quickly unfold it with no apparent appreciation for my creativity. Party poopers!

But the vast majority thus far seem to look at it with great interest and almost reverently unfold it, and only as much as is necessary in order to process the payment. On more than one occasion I've even been asked to take a moment to show them how it's done.

Well there you have it. While it may not be polite to play with your food, no one says you can't play with the bill afterwards.

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