Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

As my dear wife will no doubt attest, an overused joke of mine is, "Some foods go to 'waste' if you don't eat them, and go to 'waist' if you do." (Yuk, Yuk). I'm sure this is one of those.

I found this recipe on Facebook, and so as not to lose it, I thought I would repost it here. Doesn't it look absolutely decadent?

I'm sure that it must cover all the essential food groups (grin, grin).

I was thinking that the only thing missing is a little bit of drizzled chocolate or perhaps some Baileys or other coffee liqueur. While I haven't tried it yet, it did cause some serious drooling on my part.

So if you end up trying this recipe, please do send me a comment on your thoughts. Like me, I'm sure that other foodie's would also like to hear a testimony or two.

Happy eating. (You can diet later).

Photo Source: Unknown (via Facebook)

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