Friday, 11 January 2013

A Mid-Winter's Daydream

I was thinking about how many times the average person has to shovel their driveway in the winter months. Of course the answer to that, assuming it can even be calculated at all, varies depending on where you live, and from year to year. However, I am thinking primarily about the typical Canadian-like winters, for that is where my experience lies.

A couple years ago I invested in a snow blower. I was tired of constantly manually shoveling my long driveway, crawling back into the house with a sore back, and a couple times even wondering if I was about to keel over with a heart attack.

I am starting to wonder if maybe we’re doing this winter snow removal thing wrong. As someone once said, “If God put the snow there, He can remove it.” What if, instead of shoveling every time it snows, we just left it there? What if, instead of wrecking our backs and risking heart attacks, we all just said, “No, I’m not doing this any more!?”

I vote that we all just invest in snowmobiles and snowshoes, and let the snow sit where the good Lord put it until He chooses to remove it again. I’m sure there must be some good reason for it being there, and if so, then it stands to reason that it certainly must be wrong for me to move it all the time. Maybe the reason it keeps snowing is because we keep moving it. Maybe if we left it where it lay, there would be no reason for God to keep sending us more.

Yup, I can just see it now. Just as the warmer months are known for the motorcycles and joggers, in the same way the colder months would be known for its snowmobiles and cross-country skiers. Now, wouldn’t that be kind of fun? 

So who is with me? Is it time to throw away your snow shovel? Sorry, what was that? Oh, okay, if you insist. You say that it is time for me to wake up and step back into reality? Got it. Besides, I think it’s time to go and clear my driveway … again.


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