Sunday, 11 November 2012

Formal Apology Forms

It seems to have become apparent that sometimes we all open our mouths only long enough to change feet. We here at "The Other Side of Will" have also run into this problem before a time or a hundred, as evidenced by the post, Crap, I've Offended Again!

In order to help to do the right thing and deal with this problem, we have officially adopted this "Formal Apology" form to deal with future perceived offences by you, our cherished readers. We believe that this action on our part should help to prove that keeping the peace is very important to us.

Our Board of Directors has determined that the way we deal with future blog/post offences, is that, once a complaint arrives, we will quickly respond, usually within 72 hours, by filling out the "Formal Apology" form, and then cutting and pasting it back into the comment box of the offending blog/post. We trust that this will help ease the tensions that have too often arisen, usually due to your inability to appreciate our sense of humour and joking.

Thank you, from your friends here at "The Other Side of Will." Peace.

Formal Apology Form Source: Unknown

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