Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Canadian National Bird

There are some folks who believe that our wonderful country of Canada is somehow lacking because it does not have a national bird. Since several suggestions have already been put forward, I thought I'd like to add mine.

I would like to suggest that the Mosquito be considered as a candidate in the ongoing quest to find Canada a national bird.

In some regions of our great land there have been reported sightings of giant mosquitos that are, allegedly, almost as large as small aircraft. In such areas pedestrians are advised to use extreme caution, for they can apparently even carry away a small child. It seems to me that such a magnificent creature deserves honour and recognition.

Canada has other large creatures as well, such as the infamous Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake in beautiful British Columbia and our very own northern Canadian Sasquatch.

So in honour of Winnipeg, which is already known as Canada's Mosquito Capital, it seems only fitting that we also consider recognizing the mosquito as Canada's national bird.


Photo Source: Unknown

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