Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Is "World Series" an Odd Name for Baseball's Holy Grail?

So once again it is World Series time.

I don't mean to poke fun at baseball's holy grail, but why is it that out of all major sporting events, I have the most difficulty with this one? Oh, it's not the game itself, for it is a fine game. I have many fond memories of Sunday afternoon ball games with my family, albeit in a different league. So what is my problem with this particular series?

Nothing really. Actually it's probably more just a quirk or perhaps semantics. Maybe you could even call it a "pet peeve." What am I talking about? I'm talking about the use of the word "World" when the game really has nothing to do with the "world," unless you count Canada's token contribution to the league through the Toronto Blue Jays.

Compare it to international soccer, or football as the rest of the world correctly calls it. Every few years they play for the "World Cup." This makes perfect sense, since it is the best of the world coming together to play what is probably one of the world's best loved games.

But the "World Series" has nothing to do with the participation of the various nations coming to seek a real world championship baseball team. Sure, there may be several international players represented, but they don't play for their home countries; they play for the local American city whose jersey they wear.

Perhaps it needs a new name to better reflect the game, one that sounds a little less pompous. Any suggestions? Hmm

A Caveat: This post was meant in jest. I meant no offence to the baseball gods.

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