Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Lifestyle Change

Someone shared with me again recently how they lost a bunch of weight. While I felt happy for them, all I could think of saying was, "I found it. Do you want it back?" Apparently they did not. Bummer. I guess that means I have to lose my extra weight all on my own.

I've never been one for dieting. Granted, some people have had great success with various diets. But for me, well, there's just something about the word "diet" that is a big turn-off. I suspect that is probably true for many people. Maybe it's just semantics, but as I learned recently, perhaps a better way to look at this is not to call it a "diet" but rather a "lifestyle change." There's nothing profound in all this really; it all comes down to a change in attitude and habit. Thomas a' Kempis is quoted to have said, "Habit overcomes habit." That's what I need; I need a new and healthier habit to overcome some of the old and less healthier habits that I seem to have developed over the years.

I tried the gym thing, but it really wasn't for me. It's hard to get motivated to go, and I really don't enjoy the crowds or the loud music often associated with it. Instead, we went and bought this really awesome elliptical machine by True Fitness. We love it! Though I had someone say to me that they are only "really expensive clothes hangers," that has not been my experience thus far (and hopefully it never will). I'm on it four to five mornings per week before work, and I've never felt better.

Another part of the lifestyle change is rethinking what we eat, how much we eat, and when we eat it. Late night munchies are particularly deadly, so I am trying to avoid that practice. Keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum also helps, but as I am a winemaker, I confess that is a bit of a challenge.

The good news is, that cursed number on the scale is starting to drop. For that, I am grateful. Oh, and by the way, if you happen to find my lost pounds, I don't want them back either.

Photo Credit: True Fitness

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