Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Garbanzo Beans As A Snack?

I've been trying to eat a little healthier lately. Talk about tough! In many ways, for me this seems to have become like the proverbial "old dogs and new tricks."

One of the killers to that plan has always been snack foods, and as I've discovered lately, especially wheat based snacks. To be honest, I've never thought of wheat as a problem before, but a borrowed book called "Wheat Belly" seems to suggest that it is. For me, even though this book was written by a medical doctor, the jury is still out on that premise. I just cannot imagine myself going completely gluten free. At any rate, it probably would do me the world of good to at least cut back a little on the wheat products that I consume.

But what's this got to do with garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas)? Well as a part of trying to eat healthier, I bought a package of dried garbanzo beans. I'm not too familiar with them, and since I don't recall ever cooking them, I searched online for some recipe ideas. I found a few interesting ones, and one that I thought was perfect as a snack food. At the very least, I reasoned, they're high in protein, and so they must be good for you.

I didn't follow the recipe perfectly; I rarely do. The original recipe called for canned garbanzo beans and I had the dried bag variety. I learned that to use dried beans it's always best to soak them for up to 24 hours first, which is something that I did. By the time I was ready to use them, they had almost doubled in size.

After rinsing and patting dry the beans, I placed them on a cookie sheet and coated them in olive oil before putting them into a 400F oven for about 30 minutes. I watched that they didn't burn, and at the 30 minute mark, some of the beans started to pop, so I removed them from the oven. I seasoned them with salt and with Zatarain's Creole Seasoning that some friends brought back for me from Texas (I cannot seem to buy it locally here), but I'm sure that any favourite seasoning that you have on hand would work just as well.

And now, let me give credit where credit is due. I found the original recipe here. If you decide to try them, drop me a note and let me know what you think.

Happy munching 

Photo Credit: Steamy Kitchen, Inc.

Post Script: For those interested, I just found this summary of the book Wheat Belly.

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