Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to Have a Free Lunch on A Nomad

So I am now into the fifth season with my current bike. As bikes go, I think it is a beautiful bike. It is a 2007 Vulcan Nomad 1600cc that I bought new, thus making me its only owner. Recently I thought of selling it. I don't really know why, except that maybe I was getting a little bored and thought something different would be nice. Silly, huh? I am fortunate to have a wife who talked some sense into me. She wisely reminded me that a new bike was not in the budget, which of course I knew, but you know how it is; boys and toys.

In those five years that I've had my Nomad, I've never taken the windshield off. Oh, it's easy to do, but I just never bothered. But today was different. I took the windshield off to do some deeper cleaning. It's funny how bugs can get into such tight places making it impossible to clean without first taking things apart. So I rounded up a few tools, some cleaner and soft cloths, and got to work.

As it has been a long time since I rode a bike without a windshield, and since mine was off anyway, I decided to go for a short ride around town and down a nearby highway, yes, without the protection that I was accustomed to with a windshield. The only issue was, that today was quite a breezy day, and I came away with a whole new meaning to the phrase "hang on." 

Oh, and by the way, the ride was anything but boring. In fact, it was almost like being on a different bike. I had fun, and even got a free lunch courtesy of the self-sacrifice of some bugs that ended up between my teeth. A little mustard would have been nice, though. Though I will likely put the windshield back on before the next big ride, it's funny how a couple simple changes can change one's perspective.

You want to buy my bike, you say? Sorry, it's not for sale.

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