Friday, 11 November 2011

Time Out to Remember

In honour of my wife's parents, both of whom served in the Canadian military during WWII.

What saddens me is how nonchalant many of us are towards days set aside to commemorate. Businesses are perhaps the worst. Whatever happened to simply closing the doors for the day in order to remember and honour the memory of those who gave their lives fighting against tyranny and oppression? Is that too much to ask? Do we so worship the almighty dollar in this land that we have to stay open on Remembrance Day? I’m not talking about essential services. I’m talking about retail stores and restaurants and the like. You cannot tell me that we cannot possibly buy the goods and services that we need on non-special days. If I thought it would do any good, I’d boycott the lot of them! Sometimes our society sickens me! Sometimes I sicken me too when I fall into the same trap, and by doing so, show that I’m no better. Where’s the respect?

Sorry for the rant; I just had to vent a little. Lest we forget.

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