Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Phucket List

Do you have a "Bucket List?" Do you have a list of things that you really would like to do or accomplish yet one day before your time on this rock we call Earth is up? I guess I've never made an official Bucket List, although there have been a couple things that I've wanted to do, such as take in the Sturgis bike rally, which I'm happy to say that I've now already done. I would also one day like to take a cross-Canada train trip, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I think that would be kind of cool too. So, yes, I guess I do have the makings of my very own Bucket List. If I thought of it a while, I'm sure I could add a few other items to it as well.

My friend David Hayward has an interesting list that he calls his  "Phucket List." David is a gifted cartoonist that I first discovered on Twitter. If you're not yet familiar with his work, I would strongly encourage you to check out his site at

I asked David for permission to share his "Phucket List" here on my blog, which he graciously permitted me to do.

So without further ado, here's David's list. Enjoy.

I watched the movie, “The Bucket List”. So I thought before I kick the bucket I should come up with my own personal phucket list. Here’s mine:
  1. Waiting for the good opinion of others. Phucket!
  2. Yearning for a quorum of affirmative support. Phucket!
  3. Excusing the obnoxious and unkind because they are Christians. Phucket!
  4. Hiding my true colors. Phucket!
  5. Pining for the endorsement and applause of the authorities. Phucket!
  6. Pleasing everybody and offending no one. Phucket!
  7. Mincing words. Phucket!
  8. Subsidizing the “Christian Cheap” in myself and others. Phucket!
  9. Waiting for minds to change before I proceed in my search for truth. Phucket!
  10. Fearing the reactions of those who encounter me. Phucket!

I suspect that David only just scratched the surface on this one. It might be kind of fun to see how long we can make David's list. David asked in closing, "What's on your phucket list?"

For me David's list screams out: STOP BEING PHONEY AND BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. I guess that's on the top of my phucket list. Isn't it about time we all did that?

Well, it's a nice day here so, Phucket! Let's Ride!

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