Sunday, 27 March 2011

Canada Votes ... Again!!!

Well the newspapers are calling for yet another federal election in May of this year. "Historic parliamentary defeat marks start of federal election battle." So ran the headlines. The whole thing would be kind of funny, if it wasn't so sad.

"Canadians are being asked to pick their poison as the country heads into its fourth election campaign in seven years," says the Lethbridge Herald on Saturday March 26, 2011. That's about it! The whole thing is about not much more than picking the type of poison we want. It's been reduced to picking the "lesser of the evils" rather than voting for someone based upon an informed decision.

So what happened? As I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, the opposition parties voted against the proposed new budget, thus effectively causing a non-confidence motion in the elected government. If the government receives no support, then it falls and an election is imminent.

So do Canadians want another election? Most likely do not. It would serve the parties who voted against the budget right if Canadians, or at least those who still bother to show up at the polls, punished them for this mess by not voting for them and returning the former conservative party back into power with a majority, or at least with more seats than they had before. Nobody wants another election, other than perhaps the opposition parties themselves.

Sure, as a democratic nation it is our right and our responsibility to vote. If past elections have taught us anything, however, they have taught us that a growing number of people now vote by their absence at the polls. People don't care anymore. The whole thing has become a joke! Nobody even knows what the issues are anymore. Why? Because of all the bickering and name-calling by the politicians. If they could stop the slandering each other for any length of time, then perhaps we could hear what they had to say about the issues. Perhaps then people might be interested once again enough to at least try to cast an intelligent ballot. But then once the election is over, and as they usually do, the elected politicians would simply turn up their noses at all their earlier promises and do whatever they want. In other words, during the election campaign, politicians will only say what they think you and I will want to hear in order to secure our votes. After that, they couldn't care less about the average voter. At least that is the perception of many today.

Maybe what we need is a new party (of sorts) to vote for. Maybe, as I have indicated on my Facebook bio, what we need is a Theocracy. Yes, I know the problems associated with mixing church and state, but I can't imagine them being any more serious problems than the current election problems. I also know that most people in this land do not share my interest in a form of government that believes itself to be based upon the law of God. Too many people today have too many different ideas as to exactly what that law is or should be. I know it would likely never work, at least not the way I imagine God would desire it to work.

So where do we go from here? Am I going to join the masses in boycotting the federal election? Probably not. I've lived in the third world and understand the importance of having the right to say my piece (like writing this) in freedom, a freedom and right that many in this world still do not have. So I will try my best to sort through all of the rhetoric and do my duty and exercise my right to cast an informed ballot, for the lesser of the evils, whoever that may be.

Will it make a difference? Probably not.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons